WWE Fans Think Bray Wyatt’s Sister Was In A Recent Video Package

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WWE Fans Think Bray Wyatt's Sister Was In A Recent Video Package

Although Bray Wyatt has been back in the WWE for some time, his long-term goals are still unknown. Since his return, he has yet to engage in a wrestling match, and right now, his only opponent appears to be himself. That is, if Uncle Howdy is actually Wyatt disguised as someone else rather than Bo Dallas. Some fans think Wyatt’s brother is involved in this entire situation.

These same fans believe Dallas won’t be the only Wyatt family member involved in whatever the big plot is thanks to a recent Wyatt segment on SmackDown. Wyatt is depicted in the segment attempting to control his rage after being interrupted by a crew member backstage. Images flash up on the screen, one of which seems to have been influenced by the Saw movies, as he tries to control his temper.

If you were simply watching the show, you most likely missed this image. However, it didn’t take long for a picture of it to be taken and shared on social media. The picture depicts a woman dressed as Billy the Clown, the spooky puppet from the Saw movies. As for the person responsible for the makeup, some suspect Mika Rotunda, while others speculate that it could be Alexa Bliss or Liv Morgan.

Rotunda is Wyatt and Dallas’s sister, and even though it’s challenging to tell from the dark and distorted puppet of the woman in Saw, there is unquestionably a resemblance. If Uncle Howdy is Dallas, that would also fit with the family concept. Not only because Wyatt’s brother appears to be portraying that character, but also because their uncle Barry Windham may have served as an inspiration for the Howdy mask’s design.

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