WWE Appears To Be Setting Up Gunther vs. Strowman Match

WWE Appears To Be Setting Up Gunther vs. Strowman Match

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According to how events played out during Friday’s SmackDown, it appears WWE is planning a bout for the Intercontinental Championship between Braun Strowman, the Monster of All Monsters, and Intercontinental Champion Gunther. During the show, the two ran into each other in a six-man tag bout, but their storyline appears to be far from ended.

Gunther attempted to stay as far away from Strowman as he could throughout the contest. The Intercontinental Champion laid in a few hard chops, making it apparent that he didn’t want to interact with the bigger man. After winning the battle with New Day, Strowman cut a backstage promo with Ricochet to tease their World Cup competition quarterfinal match for the following week. It is doubtful that Ricochet advances; Strowman might instead prevail in the entire tournament and face Gunther for the IC Championship.

WWE fans will be really pleased if this occurs since it will be a big man versus big man match. The drawback for some fans is that Gunther seems to be being booked by WWE as though he is terrified. It will be interesting to see how that plot develops. Given that Survivor Series is just over a week away, it doesn’t seem like this contest will happen there, but WWE might reserve this match for a significant, high-profile pay-per-view event.

Although Strowman has been an outstanding Intercontinental Champion since his return to WWE a few short months ago, Gunther may be the favourite going into this bout. Gunther has been a fantastic Intercontinental Champion. Despite Strowman’s return to WWE, there have been some controversy after calling high-flying wrestlers “flippy, flippers,” which Ricochet made reference to during the promo on Friday’s SmackDown, and getting himself into a little bit of trouble on social media.

Could Be a Huge, Physical Match

Gunther recently competed against Seamus in a number of matches, and Stroman recently defeated God Omar in his own match. Having said that, Gunther versus Stroman would be interesting. Without a clear favourite going in, this would be a match that would excite a lot of spectators.


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