The Galaxy S23 series to offer satellite support

The Galaxy S23 series to offer satellite support

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The source claims that Samsung is attempting to send text messages and grainy photographs via satellite. From Apple and Huawei’s satellite communication tests, image transmission seems to be a step forward. Both of these brands can only use satellites to transmit an emergency SMS and position data.

Samsung’s satellite communications capability might allow users to communicate via text messages and low-resolution photos, in contrast to Apple’s strategy, which only permits emergency communications via satellite. In order to include a new modem-RF system capable of satellite connection on the devices, the company reportedly overcame all technological obstacles.

Following T-announcement Mobile’s of a satellite communication partnership with Starlink, this development occurred shortly after. The beta programme will only be available for SMS, MMS, and “approved” messaging services when it launches at the end of 2023. However, the pair did admit that they are looking for satellite phone and broadband service.

There are many rumours concerning the upcoming phones as the launch date gets closer. Rumor has it that the S23 Ultra will most likely have a screen with a brightness rating of 2,150 nits or higher.

The iPhone 14 currently has the brightest smartphone screen (2000 nits) and satellite connectivity.

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