Spotify Expands Audiobooks to More Countries outside the US

Spotify Expands Audiobooks to More Countries outside the US

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Outside of the United States, Spotify is extending its recently established audiobooks offering. Other English-speaking markets, such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, already provide the service. Now, users of Spotify’s streaming service can access its library of audiobook titles.

Spotify Expands Audiobooks to More Countries outside the US

In the United States, the business debuted this feature in September. Over 300,000 audiobook titles are available. These may be found in the Spotify app’s brand-new “Audiobooks” hub. The business had announced that initially, Spotify editors will choose the titles to suggest to the streaming app’s customers. However, Spotify intends to eventually use algorithmic recommendations to recommend books to users.

Additionally, Spotify stated that customers in the recently acquired markets will have access to the same selection of titles as those in the United States. A typical set of functions are also available on Spotify, such as the ability to rate songs, change the playback speed, and download them for offline listening.

Over time, the audio streaming service intends to enhance how its audiobooks are discovered. Additionally, Spotify hopes to provide new formats, new ways to interact with audiobook content, and new markets to the service. When the business acquired digital audiobook distributor Findaway last year, it made the suggestion that audiobooks might represent a new source of income. The business hopes to expand from $3.3 billion in 2020 to $15 billion by 2027.


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