Sheamus “More Passionate Than Ever” With Brawling Brutes

Sheamus "More Passionate Than Ever" With Brawling Brutes

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Sheamus, the Celtic Warrior, has experienced something of a rebirth during the last few months. He is currently in charge of the Brawling Brutes, a group that includes Butch (real name: Pete Dunne) and Ridge Holland. The three were initially a faction of heels, but through their conflict with Imperium, they turned into a babyface faction.

Sheamus just took part in the opening War Games bout featuring the main roster at Survivor Series. In their fight with the Bloodline, he and the Brutes joined forces with Kevin Owens and Drew McIntyre. Even though they lost the game, Sheamus is still in a good mood.

Sheamus On Recent Fan Reception: “It’s An Incredible Feeling”

Sheamus recently discussed how the way fans have reacted to him has changed throughout the course of his career in an interview with Shakiel Mahjouri of SHAK Wrestling. He discussed how the early rejection from fans in his WWE career led him to take a break and then come back as a heel. Sheamus is currently more well-liked than ever and is a babyface once more.

Mahjouri questioned Sheamus about his thoughts on the recent publicity surrounding him and the Brawling Brutes. Fightful has made the transcription below available:

Oh, what a wonderful feeling. To be honest, that kind of came out of left field. I’ve essentially been doing this all my life. In the ring, I’m extremely, very physical. The whole rumours with Triple H and some other stories backstage were absolute BS, I guess I kind of murmured in the beginning of my career. But I just feel like it didn’t matter what I did, especially in 2012 when I was the world champion with the events involving [Daniel] Bryan. Because they believed the machine was behind me, the audience would start to turn against me. I simply wasn’t going to win them over, no matter how hard I pounded him with my body. I then left and Oh, what a wonderful feeling. I kind of came back as a heel when it all started. But I really enjoy what I do. Even now, I remain extremely passionate about what I do—possibly even more so than ever before. -Sheamus (via SHAK Wrestling)


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