Seth Rollins’ Messiah Gimmick In WWE, Explained

Seth Rollins' Messiah Gimmick In WWE, Explained

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Throughout his ten-year WWE career, Seth Rollins has undergone multiple self-reinventions. Reinvention keeps the wrestler and their persona current in the eyes of the audience and eliminates the inevitable boredom that the fickle WWE Universe eventually experiences, which is in part what has maintained him at the top of the organisation for as long as he has.

Having said that, some of Seth Rollins’ incarnations have had more success than others. With the help of his iconic Money in the Bank Cash-In at WrestleMania 31, Seth Rollins’ incarnation as The Architect is likely to go down in history as his most recognizable.

WWE Fans Turn On The Beast Slayer Version Of Seth Rollins

Along with Triple H and The Authority, Seth Rollins had a time as WWE’s most vile heel, but he put his disloyal tendencies behind him and rose to become one of the division’s top babyfaces. He made amends with The Shield and took on a new identity as the Kingslayer. Seth’s subsequent incarnation, the Beast Slayer, was motivated by his conflict with Brock Lesnar, the Beast Incarnate.

Unfortunately, the gung-ho Beast Slayer quickly grew old with the audience. The Fiend was a fan favourite at the time, and Rollins’ conflict with him turned many fans against him. Rollins started to become resentful as he was no longer the adored babyface he once was.

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The Monday Night Messiah Takes Charge Of Raw

Seth Rollins criticised the Raw locker room for what he regarded as inefficiency and sloth after team Raw’s defeat at Survivor Series 2019 in a public speech. Rollins’ remarks offended Kevin Owens, who then challenged Rollins to a fight. He quickly discovered that Seth wasn’t alone; through their vicious attack on Kevin Owens, The Authors of Pain, Akam and Rezar, showed themselves to be Seth’s comrades. After being a face since 2016, Rollins is now considered to have begun his second heel turn.

The Monday Night Messiah was the term Rollins started using to describe himself. No matter how violent they were, he believed that everything he did was for “the greater good.” Then Rollins and AOP started fighting with the ragtag group team of Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, Rey Mysterio, and the Viking Raiders.


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