Sasha Banks Chants Break Out At Survivor Series, WWE Reportedly Mutes Crowd Mics

Sasha Banks Chants Break Out At Survivor Series, WWE Reportedly Mutes Crowd Mics

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There were several suggestions about who the tenth wrestler would be in the women’s WarGames event as Survivor Series approached. It was Becky Lynch, as was revealed on SmackDown 24 hours prior to the show. Fortunately for Bianca Belair and the rest of her team, Big Time Becks won the WarGames match to kick off the night.

WWE Fans Wants Sasha

It turns out that not everyone was overjoyed to have Lynch complete the women’s WarGames challenge. Long after that game had ended, rumours that the crowd had been shouting “we want Sasha” began to spread on social media. There might be a legitimate explanation if you were following along at home and didn’t hear those chants.

Fans weren’t chanting for Banks for very long when the crowd mics were turned off, according to Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer. Regarding the timing of it, it appears that The Boss’ demand was made at or immediately following the SmackDown Women’s Title bout. Perhaps they believed Banks would show up to challenge Ronda Rousey after she defeated Shotzi and successfully defended her title.

A good chance was always going to exist. Since Survivor Series was a high-profile live event that was broadcast from Boston, the hometown of The Boss, Banks, fans frequently mentioned him. If what happened to those supporters was exactly what transpired, then it is unlikely that the multi-time champion will return any time soon.

Since she and Naomi gave away the Women’s Tag Titles and left before a Raw broadcast, Banks hasn’t been seen in the WWE. Although it took some time, new champions have since been named, and there have been rumours that Naomi and Banks may make a comeback to television in the future. However, neither star has received any firm commitments, and the projects Banks has outside WWE combined with the muted chants tonight now make it seem like she might not be back soon after all.


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