Sami Zayn “Getting Ucey With It” Song Going Viral

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Sami Zayn "Getting Ucey With It" Song Going Viral

 Look no further than how well-known Sami Zayn’s catchphrase “Ucey” has become to determine just how “over” he is with the WWE Universe and wrestling fans. When Zayn told Jey Uso he wasn’t being very “ucey,” the phrase was first used, and it quickly caught on, becoming a craze in the WWE. One thing may launch a person to popularity, as evidenced by the fact that fans are now turning the phrase into a song and the video is becoming viral.

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Zayn has always done excellent work. However, his affiliation with The Bloodline and Roman Reigns has elevated him to a new level, and he is really benefiting from it. However, Zayn isn’t responsible for the most recent trend in which the word “ucey” was added to the Will Smith song “Gettin’ Jiggy With It.” The song has fans even more enamoured of Zayn’s work, coupled with videos of him dancing. It’s also safe to assume that WWE will capitalise on this given the fact that he frequently had the entire group and live viewers in stitches during episodes of Raw and SmackDown.

Zayn Is Only Getting Better

Expect WWE to highlight Zayn more and more as he continues to develop this character and work with The Bloodline. Although he is technically sound, his ability to develop characters has led to him fast being one of the roster’s most valuable players.

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