Ric Flair Says He’ll Be at Royal Rumble, Invited To Big WWE Event

Ric Flair Says He'll Be at Royal Rumble, Invited To Big WWE Event

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Ric Flair asserts that his involvement with WWE is not necessarily over. The WWE Hall of Famer revealed on the most recent episode of “To Be The Man” that he will compete at the San Antonio Royal Rumble in 2023 and quipped that it wasn’t a secret he needed to keep under wraps.

Conrad Thompson, Flair’s co-host, questioned whether Flair was meant to be discussing WWE’s surprise plans for him at the Royal Rumble; usually, these details are kept under wraps. Flair said, “I’m going to be there.” They didn’t say don’t tell anyone, he continued. Even more fascinating, Flair said that he had been asked to participate in Monday Night Raw’s 30th anniversary show, which would air the week before the Rumble PPV.

Flair stated, “It’s a big deal that I’ve been invited, so f**k that. Why? Because it’s Raw, which is a huge thing. Hell yes, I’m on it. Are you kidding me? 30 years.”

It’s better to obviously take Flair’s statements with a grain of salt. He has recently made a number of assertions, and the majority of them are unlikely to be confirmed. From wanting to wrestle Sasha Banks to still competing despite having his final bout on a significant independent pay-per-view and actively promoting it. He might not actually attend the Royal Rumble even if he swears he will. There is a relationship between Triple H and WWE that can’t and won’t work, and at the same time, Triple H is now in charge of creative shouldn’t be ignored. Regardless of what fans might think of Flair, he’s an icon in the industry, and having him a part of Raw’s 30th Anniversary makes sense.

Flair Won’t Wrestle… Will He?

If Flair does appear at the Raw or the Royal Rumble, don’t anticipate seeing him in the ring. Even though he frequently jokes that he’s not finished in the squared circle, it’s doubtful that WWE would want him to have a physical part on either show. His physical presence alone might be enough to attract some viewers. He wouldn’t appear for wrestling-related reasons, but rather for nostalgic ones.


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