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PTA Guidelines on How to Protect Yourself From Unwanted Contact

PTA Guidelines on How to Protect Yourself From Unwanted Contact

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With the most recent advancements in technology and innovation, the ICT world is growing every day, and as a result, living standards are changing as well. There will never be someone who does not use social media. People are interacting more with one another as the globe becomes more digitally connected. But this also has a downside, namely the immoral use of the internet. People use various social media platforms to strengthen one another. The “Online Safety Guide, Safe Use of Social Media” document, published by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), provides advice on the dangers that can be encountered online. PTA offers guidance on maintaining a trustworthy and responsible online presence.

How to Protect Yourself From Unwanted Contact

Make your accounts private: You may manage who can contact you and who can view what you post online by modifying your privacy settings.

Removing Contacts: Go through your list of followers and friends on social media. Verify that you are familiar with them. Contacts that seem suspect or haven’t posted in a while should be deleted.

Screenshot Proof: Take screenshots of any messages, images, phone numbers, or other content that gives you pause.

Block and report: Once you have collected all of your screenshots, report the offender directly to the platform, block their account, and then request that they stop communicating with you.

Contact the police: To report cyber-harassment or cyber-blackmail, contact the Federal Investigation Agency’s Cyber Crime Wing.

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These are the helplines you can use to report any such incident

  • Helpline: 1991
  • Email:
  • Website:


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