Police warning to parents about ‘Huggy Wuggy’ TikTok Videos Viral Trend

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Police warning to parents about 'Huggy Wuggy' TikTok Videos Viral Trend

The primary character of “Poppy Playtime,” a killer bear named Huggy Wuggy, is featured in videos on social media sites like TikTok. The police are advising parents to prevent their children from watching these films.

According to The Mirror, the warning comes amid worries that some kids are imitating the bear’s behaviour on the playground and that the films are graphic and upsetting to young children.

Huggy Wuggy sings about “hugging and killing” in the TikTok films, which were originally a puzzle game in which Huggy stalks players in a toy factory. He also begs the audience to “take their final breath.”

According to Chris Conroy, cyber protection officer for the Dorset Police, songs and videos utilising graphic imagery of a bear-like figure with razor-sharp teeth are currently trending on YouTube and Tik Tok. It is centred on jump scares and other elements you definitely wouldn’t want little children to see.

Officers have issued a warning due to reports of some kids playing out the game at school, including whispering frightening lyrics to one another. “I could hug you here forever, till you breathe your final breath together,” reads one line. “My teeth are sharp and ready, and they’re lethal,” it continues. Another invitation from the blue bear is to “lean in.”for a spine-breaking embrace”.

Due to the name, Rhia Fearn, a mother of two, initially thought the bear was not dangerous when her five-year-old inquired about it. But as soon as she questioned him about it, she realised the bear was evil.

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A 35-year-old man spoke: “Children are talking about playing Huggy Wuggy games on the playground. It’s quite alarming since many parents won’t be aware of the level of violence our kids are experiencing.” Another parent chimed in, saying, “It’s kind of a craze that is getting incredibly popular; all the kids are talking about it and showing them other these movies.” Before this year’s Halloween, so-called “killer clowns” who are out to create mayhem and frighten helpless people returned to UK streets in 2018. Pranksters used to walk the streets in eerie clown costumes in an American trend intended to terrorise unsuspecting victims. There were widespread worries that it had gone beyond harmless fun and into harassment after numerous incidents of people in clown costumes terrorising innocent bystanders rather than merely playfully frightening them.

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