Pay Rises Are A Freelancer’s Superpower — Make It Happen

Pay Rises Are A Freelancer’s Superpower — Make It Happen

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The stinging reality of working for someone else is that they don’t appreciate you highly enough to compensate you well.

These days, even the most indispensable employees are completely replaceable because everyone has a degree and access to the internet. That alone would render the majority of people invincible. What is the solution? With a simple Google, you can become an authority.

So how do you negotiate a wage raise when your employer holds all the cards? Leverage is no longer employed in the same way that it once was. Although there are many others who are capable of doing your job, you can always threaten to leave.

Why are you reading this article if you can do your job better than anyone else? You can certainly negotiate.

What If You Gave Yourself A Pay Rise?

Do you understand who sets their rates? Self-employed people, business proprietors, and freelancers. Unhappy with the salary you receive at the moment? Increase your prices and start looking for new clientele who will gladly pay them.

Because of the way that money operates, those who decide how much someone should be paid have real power. Currently, your boss has this authority, but they refuse your request for a small pay raise of 12%.

How Do You Go Freelance?

You must choose what you will do after making the difficult decision to leave your job and start your own business. The truth is that you have complete freedom to do whatever you like. To make it happen, all you need is a little amount of time and money.

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And there therein lies the issue that a lot of folks have. Finding the time and resources to create your own project can be challenging and can seem unattainable.

I’m glad to be able to pinpoint the precise steps I took to begin working for myself, but I can only speak to my own particular story. It’s just crucial to understand that what worked for me might not apply to your circumstances.

Step One

Decide on a task, or a combination of tasks, that you believe you would like doing first. You might already be skilled at it or you might need to learn how to do something interesting. It will be simpler to work on if it interests you.

I wished to produce films and podcasts. I began studying how to create web content as a continuation of this. However, I’ve always been most interested in audio.

Step Two

Make a commitment to learning more about your field. Learn how to build up a business and utilise TikTok as a marketing tool if you want to open a TikTok sweet shop. Knowledge is crucial at this early stage of the change. For articles on the things you want to do, trade your evening book.

I went to university ten years ago, so I was already ahead of the game because I studied media there. The majority of what I had learned was lost.

Step Three

You must now get additional time. The more time you can invest in developing your idea, the sooner you’ll start making money. If you have the strength to work at full-time job and on your project for two hours each day, that’s fantastic. I have more than enough time to work on it.

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If you’re anything like me, you’ll be exhausted when you get home. There is no more energy left for extracurricular activities. By asking for a part-time contract at work, I was given more time. I reduced my workweek from 40 to 30 hours, giving me at least 10 hours to work on my projects.


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