Pakistan’s Black Magic Knocked India Out of T20 World Cup 2022: Indian Media

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Pakistan’s Black Magic Knocked India Out of T20 World Cup 2022: Indian Media

The Indian media, as per usual, has come up with a supernatural explanation for the one-sided humiliation that their cricket team suffered at the hands of the English cricket team in the T20 World Cup 2022 semifinal.

According to a report on an Indian news channel, Pakistan disqualified India from the semifinal match instead of England by using black magic and other sorcerous techniques.

According to the news source, winning or losing is just a part of the game, but this time, India was unable to take even a single wicket from the other team as England won easily by 10 wickets with 24 balls remaining.

It also emphasised team India’s precipitous drop in the standings and made the case that Pakistan’s use of black magic is the sole thing to blame for its demise in the competition.

It further said that Pakistan turned to black magic since it was anxious about playing India in the finals because the latter would have easily defeated the former.

An interesting tweet from a Pakistani actress was used in an Indian news item as support for the conspiracy hypothesis. The actress Sehar Shinwari claimed in a tweet that she would use black magic to harm the Indian squad in order to assist Pakistan advance to the semi-final.

According to her post, which was cited in the newspaper, the Indian team suffered a setback because only Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandya could score runs in the match against England due to the black magic.

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