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Netflix secret codes: How to access hidden shows

Netflix secret codes: How to access hidden shows

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You might think there’s nothing left to watch on Netflix. However, when perusing the massive library of the streaming service, there are probably a significant number of movies and TV shows that you haven’t seen. For exploring Netflix’s library by genre and discovering precisely what you’re looking for, there exist Netflix secret codes.

These codes each stand for a particular genre, which the computer uses to categorise and offer recommendations. Instead of relying on the algorithm’s suggestions, learn how to use Netflix codes to find your own next binge-worthy movie.

You may browse through all of the Netflix secret codes that are organised by genre, from “Romantic Foreign Movies” to “B-Horror Movies,” in one place.

Simply type the four-digit number after the following address into your computer browser to view each genre’s webpage:

Visit for a comprehensive list. There are over 20 categories, including ones for international and classic movies as well as anime. Subgenres are further divided into these categories. For instance, the code 8711 for horror films has 12 additional codes, including ones for deep-sea horror films, zombie horror films, teen scream movies, and others.

How to use Netflix Secret Codes?

  1. Enter “Better Browse for Netflix” into the search field on the Chrome Web Store’s homepage.
  2. Select “Add to Chrome” from the menu.
  3. Choose the Add Extension menu item.
  4. Log into your Netflix account in a new tab.

Near My List at the top of the Netflix home screen, you should see a new option called Browse All. To conduct a manual search or browse the available subgenres, click that.


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