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Netflix now lets users log out from specific devices

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Netflix now lets users log out from specific devices

Since Netflix says it expects your travels this holiday season, you may now manually log them off in case you loaded your account on your distant uncle’s TV and forgot to sign out. You know you shouldn’t since, say, your ex might access your account. Alternately, it’s possible that regulations about password sharing will soon change, requiring users to voluntarily log off anyone attempting to access their accounts or else the business will act on their behalf.

Netflix claims that the function is already accessible on the web, iOS, and Android. By activating this function, unwanted users who are still using a user’s account could be deterred from doing so. Meanwhile, Netflix expects major platform changes in the upcoming year.

Netflix hasn’t publicly discussed all of its tactics for combating password sharing, but it has been experimenting with certain ideas that could provide a preview of what to come. In addition, according to Netflix’s most recent financial report, the company will begin implementing its plan to “monetize account sharing” in “early 2023,” but we are unaware of the exact date. To at least relocate their profile if you must delete someone from your account.

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