Madusa Questions Ronda Rousey’s Want To Remove Women’s From WWE Titles

Madusa Questions Ronda Rousey's Want To Remove Women's From WWE Titles

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At the moment, Ronda Rousey holds a WWE Title once more after defeating Liv Morgan at Extreme Rules to win the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Shortly after reclaiming his title, The Rowdy One questioned the need for the word “women’s” in any of WWE’s title names. Rousey has talked to WWE about having the word removed since she finds it so offensive.

Madusa Doesn’t Like The Idea

It’s obvious that the person Rousey spoke with about making that happen is not the only one opposed to it pushing through as an official move. This week, Madusa appeared as a guest on The A2theK Wrestling Show, where she spoke about Rousey’s demand that the words “women’s” be removed from the Raw and SmackDown Titles. The Hall of Famer apparently doesn’t like the concept.

“Ronda Rousey declared, “I’m taking the moniker Women’s out of the title,” when she first appeared. What the fuck for? I’m like, Madusa said. So, is it available to both men and women? Is it now transgender? Although I’m perplexed, I can see what she’s trying to say. Ever since the WWE introduced women’s championships, the word “women’s” has been present in the title.

Making The Titles Distinct

Certainly, both sides of this debate have valid points to make. Over the past five or more years, WWE has done a lot to level the playing field between men’s and women’s wrestling. Even the brand names are included in the titles, which somewhat refutes Madusa’s claim. Since there are no Raw or SmackDown Titles, there would be no overlap with existing titles.

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Fans won’t be perplexed regarding who may compete for them just because the phrase “women’s” has been eliminated. Although the titles held by Roman Reigns do not specifically mention men, only men are eligible to compete for them. In Madusa’s defense, NXT experimented with removing the word women’s from title names for a short while. The decision was swiftly overturned, though, because it led to the creation of two NXT Titles.


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