Link Selebgram Makassar Dn Dan Pi Viral Di Sosial Media Twitter

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Temin Kembli Lagi Bursma Admin Yang Akan Membangan Kabar atau berita terbaru, yang saat ini sering berviral dan tranding. The article with the title “Selebgram Makassar Dn Dan Pi” has been shared repeatedly throughout time on social media.

As is known, DN and PI are two Makassar artists who became well-known due to their involvement in the online prostitution scandal.

Not only that, but the Sulawesi Selatan city of Makassar’s star DN and PI were also photographed together in a bintang hotel (Sulsel).

Celebrity identities from Makassar that went viral, namely celebrities DN and PI, have now been revealed.

In addition, two mucikari sold celebretis viral DN and PI or celebretis Makassar to treat the patient with hidung belang.

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Link Selebgram Makassar Dn Dan Pi Viral Di Sosial Media Twitter

The mucus-carrying individuals in this case are a 25-year-old man named IS alias Ijas and a woman named F alias Cempreng (32).

Meanwhile, two well-known Makassar personalities have the initials DN (23) and PI (20).

Penawaran for DN and PI celebrities or viral celebrities in Makassar are available for Rp two shoes each day.

Kompol Dharma Dari Unit Resmob Polda Sulsel, Minggu (13/11/2022), stated that “Pelaku dan saksi atau korban berserta barang bukti sudah ke posko Sat Resmob untuk dinkan kikanka lebih langjut.”

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