Lashley Wants to Reunite Hurt Business Faction in WWE

Lashley Wants to Reunite Hurt Business Faction in WWE

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Bobby Lashley wants the WWE to give the Hurt Business another chance. The group is no longer together, but WWE has entered full faction mode with numerous groups vying for dominance on both Raw and SmackDown. The popular heel faction was significant in the company when creative wasn’t really pushing factions. In a recent interview, Lashley expressed his hope that The Hurt Business will receive another run after having their run cut short.

When speaking with WMBD News (h/t Smita Singha Roy of RingsideNews.com), Lashley brought up the prospect of the faction reforming. When asked whether the Hurt Business might reunite, he replied, “I frequently hear it. And he said, “And it was a pleasant, it was a very cool time of wrestling. And we’re fighting for it. We’re fighting for it, trust me. Hopefully, sometime you’ll see it back together.”

Manager MVP, who is currently collaborating with Omos, was in charge of the team, which also comprised Lashley, Shelton Benjamin, and Cedric Alexander. The company’s top singles performer, Lashley, has advanced, while Benjamin and Alexander have struggled. When WWE forced the split, the group never wanted to separate, and even though Lashley has done well for himself, he was a strong supporter of their remaining as a group behind the scenes. It is not a surprise that he wants them to change.

Lashley Is A Heel Again

One of the reasons it looked the Hurt Business split was because Lashley was a popular babyface and operating outside the group would have made more sense to the creative crew who wanted him to be able to stand alone. Now that he’s back to playing the part of a heel, it’s understandable he might want some minions around to do his bidding. It’s not like he needs the protection, but it’s a simpler method for the WWE Superstar to develop his heel persona.


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