Kenny Omega Takes Another Subtle Shot At CM Punk Following Dynamite

Kenny Omega Takes Another Subtle Shot At CM Punk Following Dynamite

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In his trios bout on Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite edition, Kenny Omega used the GTS finishing. Many fans immediately deduced that the manoeuvre was a dig at CM Punk, who frequently employs the finishing in his fights and is reported to be departing AEW. However, Omega didn’t stop there; after the performance, he took another quiet jab at Punk.

There must be some sort of connection between punk and The Elite. Punk is not anywhere near the AEW locker room, but Omega, Matt, and Nick Jackson are back on AEW television. Omega is a member of that gang. The Elite claim that it’s time to stop the Punk drama and that fans need to move on, but they’re making it hard to do so, especially when they do moves that were once tried by Punk in an AEW ring or blatantly rip off his finisher. Moreso, when Omega was asked about it, he skipped right over Punk and paid homage to Kenta, another wrestler who many say originated the GTS, and not Punk.

Will This Beef Ever Die?

The fact that AEW was in Chicago on Wednesday is part of the reason why this is such big news. The Elite probably used this as an opportunity to troll some Chicago-based fans who are obviously still supporting their hometown hero in Punk. This might be the last time we hear Omega or The Young Bucks criticising Punk on television. But one can never be too sure when dealing with these guys.


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