Jake Paul Shows Up At WWE Crown Jewel Press Conference Before Roman And Paul Match

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Jake Paul Shows Up At WWE Crown Jewel Press Conference Before Roman And Paul Match

 When Logan Paul challenges Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Heavyweight Championship at WWE Crown Jewel on tomorrow, his family will be supporting him because he comes from a prominent lineage. Jake Paul appeared at a press conference in Saudi Arabia on Friday, much to Roman’s chagrin. Jake stood next to his brother.

Logan was the only person there at the press conference as WWE set the setup for Saturday’s pay-per-view main event bout. He was not the only person with a bloodline, he reminded Roman, adding that “he was forgetting one thing.” Michael Cole, a WWE announcer, then asked Logan if he had backup, at which point Logan revealed his brother Jake Paul. Jake was going to be in Logan’s corner, calling him a 6-0 professional boxer who has never lost tomorrow, maybe tipping the scales when Logan competes in his third-ever professional wrestling match in an attempt to capture a major title.

My brother is about to receive this “w” tomorrow,” Jake enthused the crowd. “My brother will do the unimaginable and defeat Roman Reigns in Shola, just like they claimed I wouldn’t defeat Anderson Silva,” he continued. Jake did just come off a significant victory over the MMA veteran, surviving 12 rounds of boxing in a contest that many expected Jake to lose. There are claims that the fight was manipulated on social media, but several reliable insiders assert that Paul defeated Silva, and Jake is aiming to face Nate Diaz next.

Big Addition For WWE Crown Jewel

This is a significant gain for WWE. Whatever you may think of the Paul brothers, they attract a large audience, and the Saudi audience that was present to watch the news conference was enthused about them. Normally, crowds in North America boo them, but this one was fully on their side.

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Logan It’s not like I don’t have backup, Paul added. I have the right hand of God with my fierce boxer brother. We all should have anticipated Jake Paul’s entrance into the WWE.

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