iPhone 15 Will Reportedly Come With Sony’s State Of Art Camera Sensor

iPhone 15 Will Reportedly Come With Sony’s State Of Art Camera Sensor

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For the first time ever, Apple’s 48MP primary camera is included in the iPhone 14 Pro. The adoption of 48MP, 50MP, and 64MP camera shooters by Android competitors came undoubtedly a number of years later. Apple appears to be planning another camera upgrade for the future, though. According to recent reports, Sony will provide Apple with camera sensors for the highly anticipated iPhone 15 series.

iPhone 15 Is Tipped To Boast Sony’s Camera sensors

Nikkei Asia Review claims that Sony will provide its “latest, state-of-the-art” picture sensor to Apple and other OEMs. The sensor is rumoured to fit in the iPhone 15 price range. How does this camera sensor differ from others is a valid question. The manufacturer claims that when compared to conventional camera sensors, the new Sony sensor has the ability to twice the saturation signal level in each pixel. It is claimed that the new sensor can capture more light, with practical ramifications. In some circumstances, it can also lessen overexposure or underexposure. In a solid backlit scene, Nikkei uses the illustration of an image sensor that successfully captures a subject’s face.

I anticipate that the new Sony sensor will be more tolerant of extreme overexposure and underexposure. In addition, the sensor’s capacity to capture more light suggests that the upcoming iPhone may advance significantly in terms of low-light images and videos. It’s not clear, though, whether the image sensor belongs to Sony’s new Lytia sensor line. The Lytia brand was introduced earlier this month, and according to the business, it will produce “high-quality photography and videography backed by a varied variety of cutting-edge technology.”

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The Sony IMX989 camera sensor, which has a huge one-inch size and 50MP resolution, will likely be a fierce competitor for the rumoured iPhone camera sensor. Additionally, the IMX989 is already present in the Xiaomi 12S Ultra and Vivo X90 Pro series and is anticipated to appear in a number of additional Android phones in 2023.


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