iPhone 14 Pro Shortage Could Hit 6M Following Unrest

iPhone 14 Pro Shortage Could Hit 6M Following Unrest

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If we talk about the iPhone 14 series, tech giant Apple is having a really difficult time. According to reports, the iPhone 14 Pro shortage might affect up to 6 million phones until production resumes. The bad news is that, in many countries, it is now too late to order either of the Pro models in time for Christmas due to the shortfall. In addition, widespread lockdown demonstrations in Shanghai could threaten MacBook production.

Apple Facing Severe iPhone 14 Pro Shortage

After then, things significantly worsened. There were insufficient supplies of food and medication, and workers began to report that illnesses were spreading across the facility. Many employees made the decision to leave the facility and go back to their hometowns. Foxconn, however, originally gave bonuses to entice employees to stay and even boosted them up to tenfold when that tactic failed. The plant was put on an even tighter lockdown as Covid expanded further.

Even newly hired employees complained that they weren’t receiving the promised bonuses, sparking unruly demonstrations. Foxconn acknowledged that it had made a “technical error” regarding bonuses and promised to fix it soon. Additionally, the business provided an exit payment for new workers who no longer wanted to stay. Reports claim that more than 20,000 workers have accepted this and left the plant.

A recent estimate claims that the iPhone 14 Pro shortage is anticipated to reach 6 million units as a result of the entire situation, which has caused November production to be almost a third behind target. An article claims:

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A person familiar with assembly operations predicts that unrest at Apple Inc.’s major manufacturing hub of Zhengzhou would lead to a production shortage of close to 6 million iPhone Pro devices this year.

How will Foxconn be able to resume production? What will occur after that? There are numerous inquiries that need to be made. Additionally, there have been significant demonstrations against COVID-19 lockdowns in Shanghai. Major interruption in the city where the majority of MacBooks are produced has resulted in is potential for disruption to MacBook production as well.


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