Injury Status Update On Randy Orton Isn’t Great News For WWE

Injury Status Update On Randy Orton Isn't Great News For WWE

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According to recent reports, Randy Orton’s injury is not looking good. Orton “needed a fusion in his lower back that would keep him out of action for a lengthy amount of time,” according to a Fightful Select article. The surgery has already been completed, according to the story, which also states that “several in WWE told us they’d be fortunate to have him return after such a long career and the significance of the injury.”

It’s terrible that some WWE employees believe Orton’s predicament will prevent him from ever competing again. At the time he was disqualified, it was thought he would eventually return, but the accumulation of issues and the severity of the issues now better known might have turned into news that Orton risking a comeback might not be in the cards. A return shouldn’t be ruled out, but this is something that all parties are watching and WWE is aware that this could be it for The Viper.

According to the article from Fightful, there is presently no estimated date for his return and no innovative plans as a result. While WWE might extend or freeze the deal due to his injuries, it’s unclear if they will do so. His current WWE contract expires in 2024. There have been no updates on whether Orton will be involved in any way in events like The Royal Rumble or WrestleMania next year. Riddle already appears to have moved on and found a new partner in Elias.

Let’s Hope This Isn’t It For Orton

Fans should not lose hope that Orton’s career will continue after this. If so, he will have had a tremendous career and be a lock for the WWE Hall of Fame, but it won’t be how he would have liked to end. Furthermore, it would be premature to rule Orton out at this time given that wrestlers have recovered from career-threatening injuries in the past.


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