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How We Shop – Measuring the Rapid Digital Shift | PayPal

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How We Shop – Measuring the Rapid Digital Shift | PayPal

 Since the COVID-19 outbreak, a lot has changed. While a growing number of people are still buying groceries, they are increasingly doing it online.

It seems that consumers are more inclined to continue their online behaviour as they become accustomed to online shopping and meal delivery.

According to statistics, 24% of all consumers claim to have switched to doing at least one daily task online and intend to keep doing so.

The Rise of the Digital-First Consumer:

According to a research evaluating the quick move to digital, many customers consider the ability to shop and pay online to be essential. The availability of digital payment methods, according to 57% of consumers, would influence their decision on where to shop.

The biggest change, according to this report, has been customers’ propensity to purchase for retail goods online.

Additionally, as more customers plan to shop through digital-first channels, the proportion of consumers who intend to visit brick and mortar stores continues to decline.

The study found that since the pandemic started, 19% of consumers have switched from eating at restaurants to ordering food online.

Additionally, 40% of consumers are buying in-store less and online stores less.

Who Gets the Consumer’s Business?

Consumers are known to seek out shopping experiences that inspire confidence; for many people, brick and mortar stores no longer provide this. 37% of customers are dissatisfied with the few options that are offered at large grocery stores.

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According to the digital shift survey, 31% of customers are dissatisfied with the few things that are accessible in big-box stores.

The figure below depicts the percentage of shoppers who encounter particular difficulties when looking for groceries and other goods.

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