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How to Unblock Websites From Wherever You Are

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How to Unblock Websites From Wherever You Are

Because their daily internet activity may only consist of checking social media platforms, doing their shopping online, streaming movies and music, and checking the news and weather forecasts, the majority of people who use the internet, especially non-technical people, have rarely encountered being blocked from a website.

However, blocking of websites is extremely common and typically takes one of two forms: blocks placed by the website producers themselves, or limits enforced by outside parties. These third parties may be either the user’s own Internet Service Provider or governmental bodies and state authorities (ISP). Many individuals would therefore naturally wonder: Why would anyone wish to prevent anyone else from visiting any website? The solution frequently involves copyright violations, access to “unsafe” content, or political restrictions on free expression. Therefore, the following query might be, “Is there a way around these blocks?” Fortunately, you can use a Virtual Private Network to unblock VPN for free, so the answer to that question is “yes.”

Copyright Issues

One of the most common reasons individuals use a VPN is to get around copyright limitations imposed by streaming services like Disney Plus, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and many more. Studio licence agreements and contractual content restrictions are the two main reasons why these sites must restrict user access owing to copyright.

For instance, you might be an American citizen travelling in Europe who wants to watch the most recent season of your favourite boxset on Amazon Prime. You connect your Firestick to the HDMI port on the back of your hotel TV, but when you try to access Amazon Prime using your regular US account, a message states that your device is not compatible. Access has been restricted. This is typically due to the fact that the movie studio that created the film doesn’t want it to be accessed outside of the USA because their agreements with actors, directors, and other talent cannot ensure that any legal action against copyright theft outside of the USA will be successful. Simply put, a bar owner in Nairobi will not be able to be sued by an American attorney for showing “Die Hard 2” to his patrons if someone watches a Hollywood film in Africa without paying! The studios’ best defence against that theft is to simply forbid content from being accessed from locations other than the US.

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Then there is the situation in which accessing a service might only cost someone $2 per month. Netflix library from India, which is ten times more expensive than in the US. The Michigan resident who appears to be residing in Mumbai can simply save money on subscription costs by using a VPN in this situation!

Safe Search and Adult Content

Some users use a VPN to get around internet access limitations put in place by their ISP or even their parents. Let’s imagine a young man wants to view images of his favourite model wearing nothing more than a grin, but his parents have barred access to se*ual websites via their ISP’s content filter. The restrictions can be removed by the boy by simply adding a VPN browser extension to his iPad or phone because the ISP won’t know who is accessing the website.

Political and Governmental Restrictions

In order to support their subversive ideologies, several authoritarian governments around the world forbid their population from accessing social media or foreign news websites. For instance, PRC lawmakers have recently blocked access to western news media websites, especially social media platforms, from any Hong Kong-based IP address as part of the Chinese government’s harassment of students in Hong Kong. Imagine how much more organised a student protest would be if it were planned beforehand by anonymous organisers using fictitious Twitter accounts or a Facebook group. The government blocks this access, but a VPN may simply circumvent it by giving the user a fake IP address from the EU or the USA.

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recent unrest at Twitter HQ, brought on by Elon Musk, the creator of Tesla electric vehicles, took control of the site, but that hasn’t helped the workers there in monitoring phoney Twitter accounts. Musk is now not the most well-liked boss in the world due to his announcements of several layoffs and the end of the work from home culture. No one at Twitter is going to start cutting down trees to win employee of the month any time soon. Therefore, if you’re a warrior for freedom searching for a platform to speak from, head over to Twitter, turn on your VPN browser extension, and start making a difference in the world!

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