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How to Take Screenshots on Mac

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How to Take Screenshots on Mac

Have you ever been requested to provide a screenshot of something on your Mac? It can be a task you’re working on, an issue that appears, or a visual reference you wish to store for later. You can find the many methods for taking a screenshot on a Mac in the sections below.

Approach 1: Whole Screen Capture (Command-Shift-3)

This is the procedure to use if you want to capture a precise portion of what is currently displayed on your screen. This can refer to the menu bar, the window itself, or the desktop you currently have displayed on the screen. If you want to capture an image of something “as is,” do this.

Approach 2: Selective Screen Capture (Command-Shift-4)

This second approach is appropriate if you only want to capture a portion of your screen. You can choose where to take an image capture by hitting all three buttons simultaneously. To highlight and select the area, all you need to do is use your mouse or trackpad. For even more adjustments, you can combine the strategy with the options listed below.

  • Holding down the shift key: You can change the height of an area after highlighting it but before letting go of the trackpad because doing so locks the side of the selected region.
  • Press and hold on the spacebar::You can maintain the size of the screenshot while also adjusting the location of where to take the screenshot after highlighting a region but before releasing the trackpad.
  • Press and release the spacebar: You may now switch between open windows and select the one you wish to capture a clip of by clicking the crosshair symbol, which will now appear as a camera.
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Approach 3: Customized Screen Capture (Command-Shift-5)

When Mac OS Mojave was released, this shortcut became available. You’ll have additional possibilities for taking screenshots using this technique. You can choose from icons in a small window at the bottom of your screen to Capture Whole Screen, Capture Selected Window, or Capture Selected Portion. Additionally, you will have the choice of recording the entire screen or just a portion of it in addition to taking a screenshot of your screen.

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