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How to spot Fake Instagram Followers? Few Handy Tips

How to spot Fake Instagram Followers? Few Handy Tips

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You may have noticed users on Instagram who have an absurdly large amount of followers if you use the internet. You’re probably wondering how that individual managed to amass so many fans. You’ll be shocked to learn that it’s possible for bots to have followed you even if you’ve never bought followers. Even while many bots are innocuous and this is typically inevitable, you should nonetheless report them to Instagram. Keeping unstable bots around is risky because they could try to phish you by sending you spam or dangerous links via direct message.

Instagram tightened down on programmes from third parties that utilise phoney followers and likes to promote your account in 2018, threatening to penalise users who continued to use bots. But this did not mean that fraudulent followers would disappear. One in four Instagram influencers paid for 15% of their followings, according to recent research. We’ll now share with you some intriguing techniques for identifying fake Instagram followers.

How to spot fake Instagram followers?

  1. A fraudulent account will exhibit a few clear signs, which you can spot. For instance, if a user likes a random assortment of your photos or quickly says, “Nice post!” in a generic way, it is probably a third-party booster trying to get you to follow it back. Additionally, it suggests that someone is trying to gain a lot of followers quickly; you shouldn’t follow them.
  2. Examining the profile itself can be informative as well. You should be wary of a user if they follow a lot of people but have few followers or posts themselves, or if their account has been inactive for a while.
  3. Additionally, more cunning bots post a lot of content to appear genuine. If you’re unsure, you might conduct a reverse Google image search to see if a photo or two came from another user or website.
  4. Additionally, a bot posts numerous stolen images of various women, making it appear as though you won’t notice that they are not all of the same person.
  5. The phoney discount account advertises reduced pricing on designer goods, frequently Ray-Bans, in an effort to entice you to click on a dangerous link.
  6. Do not ignore the account with no funds, which is the most obvious offender. No posts, pictures, or followers. Definitely a bot.
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It is important to note that just because someone satisfies one of these criteria doesn’t mean they are a bot. They might simply be horrible at Instagram.


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