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How to Reverse a Video on Snapchat

How to Reverse a Video on Snapchat

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Snapchat is one of the most popular programmes among teenagers for sharing videos and photographs online, along with Facebook and Instagram. You can keep your friends updated on your everyday activities and preserve streaks between them by sending them brief photographs. To make your video reverse and share it with your friends on Snapchat, try using the reverse filter if you are tired of the standard filters.

How to Reverse a Video on Snapchat [Android/iPhone]

  1. On your smartphone (Android or iPhone), open the Snapchat app.
  2. Go to the home page of Snapchat.
  3. After that, hold down the Record button to start recording the video you desire.
  4. To end the recording, let go of the Record button.
  5. Then, from the preview page, swipe left to reveal icons at the bottom of the screen that contain several filters and effects.
  6. Swipe through them until you come across the Reverse filter. A left-pointing arrow is used to indicate this impact.
  7. Once you locate the Reverse filter, the effect will be applied to the video automatically.
  8. Then, after clicking Send to, either publish the movie to your Story or share it as a snap with your pals.
  9. Additionally, you may use the Save button to store the reverse video  your camera roll on Snapchat.

How to Reverse a Saved Video on Snapchat

  1. Go to the home screen on Snapchat after storing a video.
  2. To access Snapchat Memories, click the Photos option next to the record button.
  3. Select the video you want to see in reverse under Snaps.
  4. Click the Menu (three dots) icon at the top of your screen after making your selection.
  5. Next, select Edit Snap from the menu.
  6. To apply the reverse filter effect to the video you’ve chosen, swipe left to find the Reverse filter and select the option.


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