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How to Record Video With Background Music on iPhone?

How to Record Video With Background Music on iPhone?

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Have you ever observed that the music always stops when you decide to capture a video while you are still listening to a song? When a user chooses video mode in the camera app, the music ends abruptly. Although it’s rarely a significant deal, occasionally people desire to record videos with music playing in the background. Nowadays, it’s extremely typical to record background music for a video. Many people may be curious about how to do so because it is a common practice today and it is possible to do so. How to record video with background music on an iPhone is the most frequently asked question, which is addressed in this blog.

How to Record Video With Background Music on iPhone?

  1. Play the background music for the video first that you want to hear.
  2. Now launch the camera application and stay in Photo mode.
  3. To record a video, tap and hold the shutter button right now.
  4. Slide the shutter button all the way to the right if you don’t want to have to hold it down to record the video.
  5. When finished, tap the stop button that is located just below the viewfinder to stop recording videos.

Without any errors, you are finished. Your video will be instantly saved in the Photos app, along with the music that plays in the background. Is it not simple? Comment below with your thoughts and let us know.


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