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How to Record Audio On Windows 11 Computer

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How to Record Audio On Windows 11 Computer


In comparison to previous versions, Windows 11 offers a number of new software capabilities, including as improved multitasking, screen recording, customisable widgets, and better visual support. The Voice recorder programme in Windows 11 also enables users to record sounds directly from their computer. You can edit the audio file after recording it so that you can save it or send it to friends and family.

How to Record Audio on Windows 11

  1. Start your Windows 11 computer.
  2. Then, select the search button and type “Voice Recorder” into it. Open the Microsoft Store and get the Voice Recorder app for free if you can’t find one.
  3. Now open the Voice Recorder app on your Windows PC and choose Yes to allow the app to use your microphone.
  4. Then, press the Microphone (Record) button to begin audio recording.
  5. When you want to stop recording your voice, simply press the Pause button. To resume recording, simply press the Pause button once more.
  6. Simply select the Stop button to end the recording.
  7. The recording will now appear automatically on the left-hand side of your screen.
  8. Clicking it will give you the option to share, delete, or rename the audio file.

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