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How to Lock your Google Chrome Profile?

How to Lock your Google Chrome Profile?

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One of the most popular browsers in the world is Google Chrome. It is as a result of Google’s integration and its functionalities. Most of you are aware that Google Chrome allows for the creation of distinct user profiles. In order to prevent someone from monitoring your web browsing history, you can create numerous user accounts if they try to access your web browser. A better way to safeguard your browsing history is to lock your user profile whenever you are not using Google Chrome because the browser makes it easy to switch between multiple user profiles. We’ll outline a few simple steps that you can follow to lock your Google Chrome profile below.

How to Lock your Google Chrome Profile?

  1. The PW lock Chrome addon must first be downloaded by going to this page.
  2. Now, as seen in the provided image, choose the “Add to Chrome” option.
  3. The PW lock extension window will be opened in a new tab in the following step. As seen in the picture, tap on next.
  4. A new window will then open, requiring you to enter both your password and a password hint. Additional settings will be listed on the left side of the window, and you can set your own preferences there by selecting Hotkeys, Minimize Chrome, etc.

Final Words:

After reading our article, we hope you will be able to lock your Google Chrome profile without incident. So please leave your questions or comments in the comment section if you like our article.


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