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How to Get Dark Mode on GitLab

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How to Get Dark Mode on GitLab

GitLab is an open-source platform similar to GitHub where developers may work together on software development. GitLab’s dark mode, which is available on both the app and website versions of the platform, can improve your experience if you get tired of using the bright theme. Dark mode also makes it possible for you to operate at night without putting too much pressure on your eyes.

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How to Enable Dark Mode on GitLab [Browser]

  1. Visit the official GitLab website on your Windows or Mac computer using the default browser.
  2. Use the credentials to log into your GitLab account.
  3. After that, select Preferences by clicking the Profile button.
  4. Three sections can be found under Preferences. Syntax highlighting theme, Diff colours, and colour scheme.
  5. Pick Dark Mode from the Color theme (alpha).
  6. The website for GitLab will switch to a dark style once you click.

How to Enable Dark Mode on GitLab Using Chrome Extension

  1. On your computer, launch Google Chrome and sign in to your GitLab account.
  2. Open a new tab and go to the Chrome Web Store after that.
  3. Add the dark theme extensions to your Chrome browser by searching for them.
  4. Return to the GitLab tab after adding the extension, then click the dark theme extension to make it active.
  5. GitLab will be using the dark theme.                         
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