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How to Find IP Address on Xbox One

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How to Find IP Address on Xbox One


The ability to remotely play games on PCs and cellphones with Xbox Companion is one of the benefits of Xbox One consoles. Even when your console is connected to the same network, there are situations when the Xbox Companion may not be able to recognise it. You must enter the IP address of your Xbox One console in those circumstances. Direct access to the IP address is available through the Xbox One console settings. Resolving some console issues also involves locating the IP.

How to Find IP Address on Xbox One Console

  1. Make sure your Xbox One console is turned on and connected to the internet via WiFi or an Ethernet cable.
  2. Tap the A button on the controller after choosing your profile photo from the home screen.
  3. Select the Settings icon by navigating.
  4. Select the App & System Notifications option on the Settings menu.
  5. Select Network options under the Network section.
  6. Select Advanced settings when navigating.
  7. To find the IP address, tap the IP settings menu on the following page.

How to Find Xbox One IP Address Without TV

  1. When you turn on your console, it will immediately establish a connection to the previously established network.
  2. Install an IP Scanner after connecting your desktop computer, smartphone, and to the same network. They are widely available online.
  3. Launching the scanner will cause it to look for any available devices.
  4. Pick your console from the list that appears on your TV, then look up its IP address.
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