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How to do Voice Over on TikTok For Android, iOS, Desktop

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How to do Voice Over on TikTok For Android, iOS, Desktop

TikTok is becoming the trendy app that most people use worldwide. Because TikTok provides its users with so many amazing features, the majority of folks you will encounter are producing content on the platform.

A novel Voiceover tool that TikTok just introduced is incredibly helpful for a variety of projects, including DIY tutorials, cooking videos, and other humorous films. With the voiceover tool, you can change any original audio from the video. Users could not accurately and quickly alter and change voices or add voiceovers to their films before the introduction of this capability.

TikTok Voiceover Tool

The voiceover tool enables you to add your voice to your videos. Voiceovers are a powerful tool for telling stories. You can use it to make your videos sound better. This feature enables you to include your voice in your video if you enjoy making voice-over videos.

Record voiceover on TikTok

When you open your tiktok, you will see a microphone icon on the right side of the screen, where the effects and editing tools are.

When you open the microphone icon, you will see a recording option

Record your video.

When you have saved the video, proceed to the edit page.

Cut the clip you want to voiceover.

Click the microphone icon; this will allow it to save.

Start recording your voiceover over your video.

By clicking on the Original Sound toggle, adjust the volume and pitch.

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You’ll see a play button below the video when you’re done with the voiceover.

Click on it and listen to your Voiceover.

If you don’t like it and want to re-save it, hit the back button.

Click the microphone icon and re-record it.

You can listen to it again and move on to the next option.

You can make changes if you want to add effects and edit.

Click on Next option.

Now you have successfully applied Voiceover to your video; If you like it, click “Save” option to save your video.

Advantages of Voiceover on TikTok

Voiceover is a terrific technique to increase the popularity and interest in your films. This is the ideal technique to address the issue of a video’s sound being hardly audible.

For a long time, voiceovers have been helpful to content producers. The only drawback was that they lacked many features. It should be modernised. For the benefit of its users, Tiktok has thus released a full upgrading version of Voiceover.

Users of Tiktok can now add their voices to their videos. Users can make their films much more interesting by including storytelling content, a tune, or something else unusual.

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