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How to Delete WooPlus Account on Mobile App

How to Delete WooPlus Account on Mobile App

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If they are unsuccessful in finding a spouse or dissatisfied with the dating site, they may attempt to deactivate their account. Users who are unable to delete their accounts on certain platforms must ask the Support team to do so. WooPlus, however, stands out from the competition. From the WooPlus app on your smartphone, you can delete the account if you don’t want it. In order to stop being charged, you must cancel the subscription before deleting your account.

How to Delete WooPlus Account on Mobile App

  1. Open the WooPlus app on your smartphone (Android or iPhone).
  2. Open your WooPlus account and log in (If prompted).
  3. Log in and then select the Profile icon (Top left).
  4. Tap Help & Feedback from the list of menus.
  5. At the bottom of the page, scroll down and click How do I remove my account?
  6. Once you remove the profile, you won’t be able to undo it, according to the warning letter you’ll receive.
  7. At the bottom, press Delete.
  8. You must now decide which feedback to delete.
  9. There will be a brief confirmation pop-up. Press Delete.
  10. A confirmation message will be sent to you once the account has been deleted.

How to Hide WooPlus Account

You can hide your account on WooPlus if you want to keep the account but want to take a break. A WooPlus account can be easily hidden. Your profile will be made anonymous on the platform once you log out. You can access the platform whenever you need to by logging in.

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How to Cancel WooPlus Subscription

Deleting the account doesn’t cancel the subscription. Therefore, you must cancel the subscription on your smartphone before deleting it.

Canceling WooPlus Subscription on iPhone

  1. Explore the App Store after unlocking your iPhone.
  2. Tap the Profile icon at the top from there.
  3. Click on Subscriptions. You can see a list of both ongoing and expired subscriptions under Subscriptions.
  4. Click Cancel Subscription after selecting WooPlus subscription.


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