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How to Create Quick Access on LG Smart TV

How to Create Quick Access on LG Smart TV

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In contrast to other Smart TVs, LG Smart TVs update often with new features for users. Quick Access is one of the LG Smart TV’s distinctive features. With Quick Access, you can quickly launch the apps on your Smart TV’s Home screen with just one remote press. You must add the desired app to your Smart TV in order to enable Quick Access.

How to Set Up Quick Access on LG Smart TV

  1. To access the feature, turn on your LG Smart TV and press and hold 0 (Zero) for a few seconds on the TV remote.
  2. Select the desired number between 1 and 8 once you’ve seen the Numeric Keys popup, then click OK.
  3. You will see a list of channels on the right (Installed on TV).
  4. Browse the list of channels using the Up and Down Directional Pads.
  5. Press OK after selecting the app to add it to the desired number.
  6. By holding down a number on the remote control for a long time, you can now quickly access the channel on the Smart TV.

How to Change Apps in Quick Access on LG Smart TV

  1. On your Smart TV, access the Quick Access feature.
  2. Press OK after selecting the replacement app.
  3. If you choose Yes when prompted for confirmation, the app will be permanently deleted.
  4. Go back to the number, click OK, and then add the desired channel.


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