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How to Access VLC on Samsung Smart TV

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How to Access VLC on Samsung Smart TV

On PCs and smartphones, VLC is a well-liked media player that supports a wide range of music and video formats. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, Samsung Smart TVs do not support the VLC media player. However, you can use AirPlay or Chromecast to cast VLC content from your smartphone to your Samsung TV. Buy and use streaming devices with official VLC compatibility if you wish to access the media player on your TV.

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How to Stream VLC on Samsung TV Via Chromecast

  1. Your Samsung TV should now be turned on and connected to WiFi.
  2. Your smartphone should be connected to the same WiFi network.
  3. your smartphone’s VLC media player should now be running.
  4. In the media player’s upper right corner, tap the Cast symbol.
  5. From the list of nearby devices, select the name of your Samsung Smart TV, then wait for the VLC logo to display on your TV.
  6. Watch the desired content on your TV by playing it.

How to Stream VLC on Samsung TV Via Airplay

  1. Make sure your Samsung TV has Airplay enabled and is on the same network as your iPhone.
  2. the iPhone’s VLC media player should be launched.
  3. Open the app, then start watching any video you like.
  4. Tap the AirPlay symbol when the video begins to play on your device.
  5. Enter the code shown on your TV after selecting your Samsung TV.
  6. Your TV will now start playing the chosen material.
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