How Can LoRa Tracking System Be Used for Large Cargo Goods?

How Can LoRa Tracking System Be Used for Large Cargo Goods?

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The supply chain and logistics sectors have seen substantial disruptions and gaps as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. These industries have encountered numerous difficulties. Fortunately, several new technologies have emerged to save them. Tracking system using LoRa

It’s crucial to monitor very valuable items or assets while they’re in motion. We require clever, cost-effective technologies for this. Fortunately, LoRa Tracking System possesses both of these qualities and is an ideal technology for smart logistics and supply chains.

Brief Introduction of LoRa

Its name is Long Range. Long-distance communication is made possible by this wireless technology. as well as a slow data rate. It is perfect for supply chain and logistics businesses because to its GPS-free location and low power consumption characteristics. Within harsh environments and vast geographic areas, it can aid in monitoring and tracking large cargo, assets, and vehicles.

How LoRaWAN Works and Why Is It Valuable Technology for Supply Chain?

A networking protocol called LoRaWAN makes use of the LoRa modulation method. End nodes incorporate LoRa devices and receivers. The task of gathering and sending data to gateways falls to sensors.

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Additionally, they have the ability to transmit data over great distances. They transmit data via the wireless network. And finally, gateways communicate this data to a network server. Then, each application or device receives information from the network server.

LoRaWAN is a low-cost technology that is ideal for smart logistics and supply chains. It can assist in tracking assets that are being moved or kept. In 2022, 162 countries had 148 LoRaWAN network operators. The good news is that its network coverage is consistently and globally expanding.

Applications and Uses of LoRa Technology in Supply Chain and Logistics

Asset Tracking

LoRa technology is capable of geolocation. So it can aid in asset tracking and supervision. Additionally, it can enhance operational effectiveness, enhance inventory management, and prevent theft. LoRa has a long coverage range, which makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor tracking.

Improved Facility Management

Facility management benefits from IoT-based solutions. Three things, including device size, price, and battery life, need to be taken into account when adopting LoRa technology for facility management. With the aid of this cutting-edge technology, the warehouse’s temperature, humidity, and water leak detection can all be monitored.

Additionally, LoRa-based platforms assist in enhancing the visibility of physical space, lowering operational costs, and increasing the accuracy and logistical efficiency of warehouse data.

Monitor Energy Usage

Sensors with LoRa connectivity are used to gather information about how much energy is utilised by appliances. Additionally, it offers real-time information about the device’s location and on/off status. The data can be used by business owners to assess energy costs and determine how to make appliances more energy-efficient.

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Therefore, IoT applications that use LoRa technology can give users useful information. They are able to monitor energy use and cut down on waste as a result. They can thus lower their monthly expenses as a result.

Cold Chain Tracking

This uses of LoRa wireless technology in the retail food sector is excellent. A cold chain is a supply chain that regulates temperature. The food sector can monitor food and lengthen its shelf life with the help of this function. Food is stored and transported in a secure environment thanks to LoRa-based sensor devices.

The essential qualities of LoRa devices make them perfect for tracking cold chain assets. This technology also aids in the management of the retail food sector and medical products. As you are aware, some medications must be stored in a refrigerator. As a result, it’s important to establish a trustworthy environment that doesn’t compromise the quality of the final product.

Applications of LoRa Tracking System in Smart Logistics

Large Cargo and Shipping Container Tracking

The worldwide logistics sector urgently needs LoRa tracking systems. Large freight items can be tracked using it in open spaces, in the air, on the land, and via ship. Wireless sensors powered by LoRa can be used to track environmental parameters, geolocation, cargo, and vehicle health.

Sensor data can be used for a variety of functions, including managing shipping operations, undertaking preventive maintenance, lowering staffing requirements, and cutting waste and costs.

Auto Security and Parking

Low-cost, low-power LoRa technology is quick and simple to set up. Due of this, it is frequently utilised in the implementation of automatic security. Technology like this is useful for managing parking lots. Additionally, automobile trackers use LoRa sensors to notify owners when a vehicle is lost or leaves the range.

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LoRa-Based Location Tracking

Bicycle tracking is possible with the use of IoT products that use LoRa technology. A LoRa tracking system for bicycles contains sensors that may send data to an internet application over the cloud. As a result, the operators can locate a bicycle with precision.

Recovery of stolen goods or cars is another purpose for these contemporary systems. This technology is used by the government and law enforcement to find lost or stolen vehicles.

So, just like other sectors, smart supply chains and logistics can benefit from LoRa-based solutions.


Finally, we can say that LoRa technology is beneficial in the majority of supply chain and logistics areas. There are numerous advantages to LoRa systems. Therefore, you may get in touch with Arshon Technology Inc. if you’re looking for businesses to assist you with LoRa design services. Our team of specialists can create the ideal solutions for your needs.

Furthermore, we offer services to numerous industries using advanced technologies. Contact us to get specialised solutions for your company’s needs from the supply chain and logistics sectors. You can take advantage of all the advantages listed above with the help of our expert services. What are you waiting for then?


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