Gandhada Gudi Box Office Collection, Budget

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Gandhada Gudi Box Office Collection, Budget

Amoghuvarsha JD, a director who has won a National Award, also stars in the Kannada movie Gandhada Gudi. He is pictured with Puneeth and Ashwini Puneeth Rajkumar, Puneeth’s producer. Mudskipper and PRK Productions are the producers.

Film crossed 20 crore mark on its 6th day

The tiny film is doing quite well over the workweek following a successful opening weekend. His earnings significantly increased on the sixth day. It was projected to make over 4 crores on its first Tuesday, a 137% rise over the first day.

Advance reservations were made on the fifth day of Gandhada Gudi. It made Rs. 1.24 crore on Tuesday, nearly four times as much as it did on the previous day. On Wednesday, the pre-sale generates Rs 16L for the sixth day, which is a steady but declining amount.

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Day 7th Collections

Along with this, “Gandha Goudi’s” box office revenue passed the 20 crore threshold. Early indications indicate that by day 7, it will have surpassed the 20.65 crore nett milestone (Thursday).

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The entire domestic take will increase to about 20 crores on Wednesday, according to early trading estimates. After that, the Apu-starring movie will surpass the 25 crore threshold and finish with a nett of 28–30 crores.

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Gandhada Goudi made over Rs 1000 crore in its first six days at the box office. 20,52,000,000 in India. Here are Gandhada Gudi’s box office results for its seventh day. Gandhadaguri made 0.65 crore (net) on its seventh day in India.

On Thursday, November 3, 2022, Kannada had an overall occupancy rate of 8.83% in Gandhada Gudi.

Three language: English, Hindi and Kannada. The film was released in 250 theaters in the domestic market and is now tax free in Karnataka. According to reports, the budget of GG was 10-12 crores.

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