Dexter Lumis Earns WWE Contract, Money Owed To Him By The Miz

Dexter Lumis Earns WWE Contract, Money Owed To Him By The Miz

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The Miz and Dexter Lumis storyline has been one of the more peculiar ones developing on Monday Night Raw over the last few weeks. Dexter Lumis abducted the Miz from ringside at Monday Night Raw in August, sparking the start of their war. Even after escaping, Lumis continued to harass and stalk the Miz.

Once Johnny Gargano was involved, the plot become significantly more complicated. To attract the attention of Hollywood talent agencies, Gargano claimed that the Miz had actually hired Dexter Lumis to stage the kidnapping on Raw. Dexter agreed to work for the Miz because he was desperate for cash after losing his job (he was actually fired from NXT last April). Dexter continued to harass the Miz because he was never compensated for his work.

Dexter Lumis Defeats The Miz; Wins A WWE Contract

Lumis finally had his chance to exact revenge on the Miz after weeks of the Miz dodging Lumis’ attempts to confront him in the ring. In a “Anything Goes” match, the two engaged in physical combat both inside and outside the ring. The Miz attempted to use a crank at Lumis’ skull at one point.

Dexter was able to force the Miz to tap out and win the match despite the Miz’s cunning and cunning tactics.

Dexter Lumis received the money promised to him by the Miz plus a Louis Vuitton purse full of cash after winning. He also signed a contract given to him by GM Adam Pearce. Then Lumis went on to distribute part of the cash to the crowd’s young people. Johnny Gargano saved the day when the Miz tried to ruin the joy.

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Although it’s unclear what Dexter Lumis will do now that he’s made amends with the Miz, it’s obvious that the rest of the WWE needs to take notice.


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