Cowboy Bob Orton Shoots Down Randy Orton Retirement Rumors

Cowboy Bob Orton Shoots Down Randy Orton Retirement Rumors

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In light of speculations that Randy Orton’s back issues are so severe that there is some uncertainty as to whether he will be making a comeback, Randy Orton’s father, the renowned Cowboy Bob Orton, is advising fans not to believe everything they read or hear. At a recent autograph event, Bob Orton made the implication that Randy will return to the ring soon.

The WWE Hall of Famer stated Randy is “coming along” and would be “back in there before you know it” while signing autographs virtually (h/t Mukherjee). These remarks follow a Fightful Select story that Randy Orton had recently undergone lower back fusion surgery. According to that report, some WWE employees had legitimate concerns that the seriousness of Randy’s injuries was putting his wrestling future in question, and at the very least, he would miss “an extended period of time.”

The good news for WWE fans is that Orton will be fully recovered when he makes a comeback. Nobody wants to see Orton forced to retire from wrestling due to an injury, particularly given how close he is to breaking some significant records and the idea that a number of dream matches are still within reach for a legendary wrestler. A dramatic conclusion is required for the RKBro tag team because he didn’t see his storyline with Riddle through to the end.

Hoping For A Speedy Recovery, But Only When It’s Right

There’s no need to hasten Randy’s return since WWE is doing an excellent job of covering for him while he’s away. The best case scenario is for him to fully recover and rehab so he can go on another run in a main event storyline. However, if his leave is prolonged, what they do with his contract will be another issue the two sides will need to work out. There’s no reason to bring him back right away to wrap up his tale with Riddle.


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