Best Learning Apps for iOS and Android Phones

Best Learning Apps for iOS and Android Phones

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The applications on this list are not just intended for a certain target; rather, they are made to appeal to everyone who has the desire to always learn something new and great. Here are some helpful educational apps for students that are always available on the App Store and Play Store. You can also utilise it for homework or tests; doing so will enable you to learn challenging topics through less complicated readings and lectures. We should be grateful for the internet since it provides a wealth of resources for studying, shopping, booking, and other activities that make life more convenient and comfortable. Additionally, there are a few in-demand education apps.

Best Learning Apps


One of the most well-liked learning apps for adults and people who wish to listen to speech from any title is this one. The fascinating TED app contains a variety of useful information on every subject, and the majority of people enjoy their speeches. This mobile learning software contains millions of videos that will undoubtedly prove to be a useful resource for accurate information on a range of subjects. Hearing them is enjoyable and instructive in addition to having a fantastic vibe. In actuality, it serves as a form of stress relief. Additionally, a topic related to a variety of categories, including education, science, technology, manners, and much more, can be found. It attracts a sizable audience.

  • Subtitles in the available in 100+ languages in order to learn and hear them better.
  • Access to TED Radio Hour podcast.
  • Option to sync the TED app with other smart devices.
  • Bookmark feature to watch talks later and more.
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Doulingo comes in at number two on our list. Due to the fact that we have the duolingo app for learning languages, duolingo is the ideal learning tool for those who wish to learn new languages and enrol in classes for it. In order to communicate when you are on vacation and to make your trip easier, you should learn some fundamental language skills. There are many different languages available. The course is divided into various topics and includes practise sessions to help students learn more effectively. Those who must complete various assignments in various languages will find this tool to be of great use.

  • The students can practice speaking, reading, listening, etc.
  • You can learn different languages with full of fun.
  • Supports almost all languages;
  • It can improve your grammar as well as vocabulary skills through fun QA sessions and more.


As you are all aware, students today waste their time on pointless games. The majority of them say we’ll play for refreshments. In order to keep people’s minds busy and sharp, one of the greatest free learning apps is called Lumosity. It offers a variety of quizzes, games, and brainstorming tools. After utilising a phone for a time, students have observed that their minds get rather dull. The provided app is renowned as one of the top learning apps that enables you to exercise your brain with various new sessions and techniques. And keep in mind that it is a fun way to learn because it is a game that allows you to practise vocabulary and much more.

  • Include over 40 brain games.
  • Challenge the core cognitive and academic abilities of users.
  • Include several workout modes.
  • Option to analyze every play and more.
  • And special for brain training.
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Now, you may be familiar with Wikipedia’s website, but you might not be aware of its app for iOS and Android. Wikipedia was specifically created for students to enable effortless learning without wasting their time or money. Because there is a solution for every query, you can learn things via this programme in ways you couldn’t have imagined. According to latest data, this Android learning app has more than 40 million articles available on its platform in more than 300 languages. A wiki-based editing platform was used to create and maintain Wikipedia, an encyclopaedia that is available in multiple languages. The World Wide Web’s largest and most used general reference resource is this one.

  • It doesn’t include an ad.
  • Informative articles.
  • Option to translate the content in the local language.
  • Offline support and more.
  • Easily understandable.
  • You can save an article and read it at free time.


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