5 Hard Lessons Every Serious Writer Needs to Learn

5 Hard Lessons Every Serious Writer Needs to Learn

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One important question must be answered before choosing to pursue a career as a writer. Who are you going to be as a writer?

Do you have the ability to conjure up entire universes filled with political machinations, self-sacrifice, and charismatic villains?

You might be a researcher who wants to produce engaging articles about the subjects that attract you.

You might be the kind of writer who is content to create whatever will enable them to quit their 9 to 5 job.

Me? I am, without a doubt, the last. I only do this to make money and for no other reason. In the beginning, I persuaded myself that it was because I wished to alter the course of events.

Be real about why you’re doing this

Sincerity on the part of writers with their readers helps them connect. Lies are frequently fairly transparent, which can put readers off of your writing.

You ought to apply this rule to yourself as well. Be truthful in your justifications for writing.

It makes things simpler, I assure you.

I authored a lot of difficult self-help articles in my earnest attempt to change the world with my ideas. I don’t quite comprehend or believe in self-help.

I created articles that purported to be self-help but were actually self-help. They represented my efforts to understand my own brain and cope with my own trauma.

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To better understand yourself is a great reason to write, but it’s not a great way to earn money. I shifted my focus to new areas after realising that self-help was neither helping me assist myself nor earning me any money. I found niches that were lot more “me,” and I was happier for it.

You are undervaluing yourself

I was producing stuff for individuals that was much more valuable while working for pennies. I came to the conclusion that I detested writing for clients and would only write in the future for myself.

Naturally, clients are a significant source of money, therefore revamping my account became a major priority. My hourly rate was the first thing to change. From $15 to $50 per hour, it increased.

Optics are crucial, therefore charging extra gives you a more professional appearance. In order to make my clients feel like they were getting a fantastic bargain, I priced it at $50 with the intention of pitching for work at $30 or $40 an hour

I was hired for my full rate by the first client I pitched at this increased rate. so I’d like to then upped my rate just for having the audacity to demand more.

The moment after that, I raised my price to $70. At least 25% more than what I charge my highest paying client represents my true value. You share it.

Headlines really are THAT important

  • Attitude is crucial.
  • Use strong words.
  • Utilizing a headline analyser, test your ideas.
  • For the many platforms you publish to, adjust.
  • More readers are drawn to odd numbers.
  • Capitalise words correctly.
  • If the title is ineffective, change it.
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There will always be people better than you

You are not now and never will be the best writer, which is a terrible fact. That’s not meant to be discouraging because this is a superpower.

You may refocus the energy you expend on perfection when the pressure associated with being the best is removed. Write the finest article you can, of course, but if it takes you four hours to finish a one-hour piece, something is wrong.

If you allow yourself to post articles before they’re perfect, you can create more content. The more time you spend “fixing” something that isn’t broken, the more money you’re losing because nothing is truly perfect.

Additionally, you’d be depriving yourself the chance to track your development. Make mistakes in front of people so you can learn.

You can actually do this

The hardest lesson to learn and accept for me was this one. It seemed foreign to me to think that I could accomplish my goals. Early in my 20s, I had completely accepted the notion that my purpose in life was to perform dreadful customer service tasks for even dreadful individuals.

Because I gave up and was too terrified to try, I wasted my twenties. (and spending two years trapped inside my home)

Even after I was able to quit my job, I didn’t really think I could make this lifestyle work. It had to be a terrible prank the universe was doing on me in an effort to rob me of it


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