163 Year Old Man: What is the Fuss on TikTok All About?

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163 Year Old Man: What is the Fuss on TikTok All About?

It’s not uncommon to see all kinds of things become viral on the internet, particularly on social media sites like TikTok. And just this week, a video that went viral on TikTok sparked many rumours and conjectures.

Recently, a video of a man with the alleged age of 163 years old on TikTok went popular on the account @auyary13. Despite the fact that videos had been submitted to the account since January 2022, attention to the profile only began to grow in February.

Is the supposedly 163 year old man practicing self-mummification? 

In the films being circulated, an elderly guy lying on a hospital bed in Thailand appears to be very weak and thin.

Everyone began to assume all kinds of things about this man as soon as his films started to show up on people’s “For You Page.” Some even went so far as to claim that the alleged 163-year-old man is a monk who engages in Sokushinbutsu, the practise of self-mummification. One can become a mummy while still being alive thanks to a common Buddhist practise.

Although rumours assert that the purported monk is engaging in such activity, the rumours are false.

The truth revealed behind the 163 year old man

It appears that his granddaughter, who has posted a number of such posts, is the TikTok user who had been uploading videos and audio clips about the alleged 163-year-old guy. Rumors, however, that the man is 163 years old are untrue.

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Although the man in the popular TikTok videos is actually a monk, he isn’t 163 years old. He is actually Luang Pho Yai, a 109-year-old Thai man. Furthermore, rumours concerning his age and his involvement in the practise of Sokushinbutsu are untrue, despite the fact that he appears to be a monk from Thailand based on his costume.

Yai’s videos on TikTok are managed by Ayuary, and fans have gone bonkers over the man’s videos, making wild assumptions about his age and other details. Some individuals expressed their fascination with the “163-year-old monk,” while others made fun about it.

The man can be seen in some of his most popular films either lying down on the hospital bed or having a conversation with his granddaughter. And millions of people have watched these films.

The most popular video shows a man sitting on a bed and placing both of his hands on a little child’s head. Over 74 million people have seen just that one video alone 10,000 comments from the viewers.

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