Yeimi Rivera, “La Niña Araña”: todo lo que se sabe del video viral

Yeimi Rivera, "La Niña Araña": todo lo que se sabe del video viral

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The awful Yeimi Rivera story “La Nia Araa” became viral on social media last week. The young woman is a teenage Colombian who gained notoriety in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, and Mexico as a result of the leak of an intimate film with her ex-partner. According to his sister, Yeimi’s mental health was reportedly affected by this and is currently recovering.

The theory of the “pornovenganza,” or the intentional dissemination of the film as a form of extorsion towards Yeimi, gained strength as a result of the entire viral phenomenon. The pornographic video had likely been shot in 2020, albeit it’s unclear in which nation.

The s*xual position in which “La Nia Araa” was recorded while she was maintaining close relationships with her partner is what caused the song’s notoriety. Due of this content, the video quickly became viral along with the specific handle that social media users gave the younger child.

Following the claim that Yeimi had committed suicide as a result of the s*xual video’s leak, the topic garnered a lot of attention on social media.

This version was dismissed by the sister, who assured him that it had succeeded in making the young woman extremely sad and depressed.

Since last week, when the intimate s*xual video on Facebook started to circulate, several users have claimed that Yeimi had ended her life. After the fake news was exposed, it was revealed that the young woman’s ex-pair had actually recorded the film in 2020 and distributed it online without her knowledge.


The theory of pornovenganza, the intentional dissemination of s*xual material as a form of extorsión toward the involved young person, gained strength at this point.

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According to the nation’s Minister of Justice and Human Rights, this term refers to the unintentional dissemination of private images or films on social media, instant messaging services, and other platforms where information is shared. The criminal code views renegotiation as a form of extorsión. It is important to keep in mind that this is a “popular” but wrong concept because talking about “vengeance” implies a failure on the victim’s behalf.

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