WWE Wanted Malakai Black To Be A Part Of Bray Wyatt’s New Group

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WWE Wanted Malakai Black To Be A Part Of Bray Wyatt's New Group


Officially back in the WWE, Bray Wyatt appears to have brought a few companions with him. Fans have been speculating about the identities of several persons who appeared at Extreme Rules while hiding their identities behind masks. Some are more probable than others, and it appears that WWE had held out hope that Malakai Black would join the group.

Malakai Black And Bray Wyatt

This was covered in the most recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter, which also contains pretty much a complete list of all potential hidden members of Wyatt’s organisation. The Firefly Funhouse characters might be played by Liv Morgan, Alexa Bliss, and possibly Erick Rowan. Black, though, is unquestionably not despite WWE’s desire for him to be.

After he asked to be released, Black took some time off from AEW. It’s still unknown exactly what transpired there in further detail. Whether Black was prevented from leaving or Tony Khan persuaded him to stay. Black has been quite outspoken about the entire scenario, explaining why he needs to step away from the ring for a while and announcing his impending return to AEW.

The White Rabbit Malakai Black Teaser

Actually, at least one of the White Rabbit teasers that resulted in Wyatt’s reappearance contained a Black Easter egg. The lyrics to Black’s WWE entrance music were written in the source code of one of the videos that fans were directed to via a QR code. Although there is no confirmation, this together with the most recent WON article shows that at one point WWE thought they could re-sign the former NXT Champion.

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The new information fuels speculation that WWE has begun contacting performers under contract with AEW in an effort to re-sign them. Chris Jericho suggested that WWE had also contacted him, and Khan confirmed that WWE had been contacted by AEW’s legal team following the charges. As for who Wyatt’s minions are, you can cross Black off the list of suspects.

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