WWE Finally Addressing Triple H’s Role In Company On Screen

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WWE Finally Addressing Triple H's Role In Company On Screen

 It took WWE several months to present Triple H in an authoritative role on television. Sure, he’s presented a show, conducted interviews with Ariel Helwani, and organised a media scrum following Clash at the Castle, but WWE had not featured Triple H working since he took over the creative and was named head of talent after Vince McMahon left. Although the reason WWE refrained from doing so is unclear, there is a suggestion that has some merit.

On this weekend’s Busted Open Radio show, Tommy Dreamer remarked that WWE runs the danger of having its fans reject an authority figure whenever they put them on camera. The possibility of placing Triple H in that position and perhaps turning the adoration into boos was not something WWE wanted to take a chance on, despite all the changes taking place in WWE behind the scenes, the majority of which the fans are responding to very favourably.

Fans have only actually seen Triple H in action twice: once on Raw, when he was working the gorilla position and trying to calm down his DX pals, and once on Friday’s SmackDown, when he was assisting Rey Mysterio in finding a solution to his Judgment Day and Dominik dilemma. It’s no accident that The Game appears to be a good guy or someone acting morally in both circumstances. Dreamer thinks that’s on purpose on the side of WWE, and that’s why we only ever see Triple H in these circumstances.

A Babyface Authority Figure?

If you go back, there weren’t many times when a WWE power player was a babyface. The GM or “WWE official” typically behaves in a way that furthers his or her own objectives. Given that Triple H currently enjoys such high levels of support from the fan base, that might not be the best course of action.

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Dreamer advises not to anticipate seeing Triple H all that frequently. The conditions will need to be ideal.

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