WWE Fans Spot Women’s Titles During Bray Wyatt Return, Hinting At Abby’s Identity

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WWE Fans Spot Women's Titles During Bray Wyatt Return, Hinting At Abby's Identity

 After more than a year gone, Bray Wyatt made his way back to the WWE, confirming everyone’s suspicions that he was the subject of the White Rabbit teasers. At the conclusion of the performance, all of Wyatt’s Firefly Funhouse puppets—including Huskus The Pig and Mercy The Buzzard—came to life and appeared all over the arena.

Abby The Witch’s WWE Titles

Wyatt’s comeback is explained by the idea that familiar wrestlers are hiding under all the masks. Names like Joe Gacy and Grayson Waller are being bandied about, and some people believe there may have been a hint as to who was wearing the Abby the Witch costume at Extreme Rules. On a chair next to her, two titles were placed virtually out of sight.

Since Saturday, the image has been shared on Twitter a few times with various theories regarding what their placement might indicate. It’s challenging to tell which titles the championships are because of their placement. It’s quite impossible to determine which Women’s Championships are taking place, despite the fact that the white straps indicate that they are.

Tag Champion Or Double Champion?

They are the Women’s Tag Titles, according to the dominant theory. The current champions, Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai, give the impression that one or both of them will be among Wyatt’s adherents. Bayley is in trouble unless she participates as well. The addition of someone like Alexa Bliss, who has held both championships, suggests that the titles might be the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championships.

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The NXT Women’s Tag Titles might be at stake, as either Kayden Carter, Katana Chance, or both might be on the verge of being called up. That would fit with the Waller and Gacy stories, and it’s possible that Wyatt has already recruited the whole NXT roster for his comeback. Hopefully tonight will reveal more. Wyatt won’t be a SmackDown Superstar till course, in which case we’ll need to wait until Friday.

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