WWE Dropped Two Huge Hints That White Rabbit Is Bray Wyatt During SmackDown

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WWE Dropped Two Huge Hints That White Rabbit Is Bray Wyatt During SmackDown

 On the screen during Friday’s SmackDown, a new QR code emerged. It resulted in some subliminal messaging and a video of the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood being combined on a page of the website. While the camera was on Michael Cole and Corey Graves during the show, a sign also appeared. One of the strongest hints WWE has ever offered concerning the White Rabbit’s identity — Bray Wyatt — may have been that sign.

The video ended with the morse code message “AZAZEL REBORN,” according to Fightful. Fans are undoubtedly connecting the pigs with Wyatt’s Firefly Funhouse character, but the URL of the page the video was posted on may provide a more significant hint. Fans immediately noted that Wyatt’s crazy hatter persona in the Funhouse had a 19/11 on it while it was The “Revel In What You Are” card put up by a WWE employee during the performance can only be interpreted as a verbatim quotation from a tweet Wyatt sent in 2019.

The references to Bray Wyatt seem to be growing stronger as Extreme Rules draws nearer. Fans will be startled and upset if it turns out to not be Bray at this point because all the arrows are pointing in that direction and nothing else really makes sense.

Will The Clues Get More Obvious?

Even while WWE hasn’t officially confirmed that this is Wyatt, it’s difficult to imagine this being anyone else. Given how close Extreme Rules is, one has to wonder if the hints will be even more specifically connected to the former WWE star. Fans will be eagerly watching in the hopes that the announcement is as anticipated as this is the show where he is reported to be making his comeback.

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