Why Sami Zayn’s WWE Storyline With The Bloodline

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Why Sami Zayn's WWE Storyline With The Bloodline

 The most dominant champion that WWE has seen in years is Roman Reigns. The Usos, who are Roman’s cousins and the current WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champions, are by his side. Roman also has Paul Heyman, his Wiseman, to turn to for advice and counsel. Solo Sikoa, the younger brother of The Usos, recently quit NXT to be with his family and strengthen The Bloodline.

Sami Zayn, the Honorary Uce, is currently the group member with the most fans, though. Sami had been a friend of the Bloodline for a while, but he wasn’t recognised as a member of the gang until the SmackDown programme on September 23rd. There was just one route that brought us here one of the best long-term tales WWE has ever told, and things may get even better from here.

It All Starts With Jey Uso Vs Roman Reigns

Roman and his cousin Jey soon started sparring after Roman won the WWE Universal Championship. Jey was left to handle Roman on his own at this time because Jimmy was out due to an injury. He feared that Roman’s victory in the Universal Championship was transforming him; he was no longer the kind, carefree man he had known to be his cousin. He was replaced by the icy, egotistical Tribal Chief.

Jey was ordered to follow Roman in line. Roman’s father and uncle, Afa and Sika, recognised him as the Tribal Chief and head of the family. Roman asserted that Jey was degrading their family by defying him.

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In addition to brutally defeating his cousin during their Clash of Champions battle, Roman also repeatedly insulted and denigrated Jey on the mic. He once told Jey, for instance, that he “wouldn’t even know what to do with it” even if he won the Universal Championship.

Roman’s continual vacillation between loving and violent was really unsettling to witness. The result of his manipulation of Jey was that he eventually became submissive.

Roman’s Manipulation Forms The Bloodline

Jimmy attempted to free his brother from Roman’s hold when he went back to working for the WWE full-time. But by that time, it was too late. Roman quickly succeeded in manipulating Jimmy as well. Jimmy joined his brother in the Bloodline faction when they both submitted to authority.

The Bloodline has so far only experienced success in the WWE. Roman not only successfully defended the WWE Universal Championship, he also won the WWE Championship at WrestleMania, becoming him the first-ever Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

The Usos, on the other hand, have dominated the tag team category. As the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champions, they have won the SmackDown and Raw Tag Team Championships. But beneath the surface, there’s something nasty going on.

Jey Uso Continues The Cycle Of Abuse With Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn is welcomed by Roman, Jimmy, and Solo, while Jey abhors it violently. He constantly speaks to Sami in a way that is uncannily similar to how Roman used to address him. This shows that not only has Roman’s manipulation subdued Jey, but that Jey has also been trained to inflict the same cruelty on others.

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SmackDown Live viewers witnessed Jey’s annoyance with Sami’s inclusion in the Bloodline. But the source of this annoyance is still a mystery. It can be jealousy because Sami received Roman’s approval without him having to fight for it for months. It’s also possible that Jey simply doesn’t want Sami to be involved in his family’s business since he correctly perceives him as an outsider. Fans should pay attention to Roman’s response to Jey’s dissatisfaction, though. It’s highly possible that he is aware of Jey’s anger but still wants to keep his followers battling. They won’t be able to identify the root of the issue if they are all upset with one another.

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